A promotional campaign and event day support materials for Easter Sunday, a major event in the faith based calendar.
Special print production elements for the print pieces included die cut, plantable seed paper and metalic gold spot colour printing. I also was the contributing photographer for the lightbulb shots.
Invitation. The triangle die cut lead the reader to a pull out an inserted piece of paper.
Special paper stock, seed paper is plantable. Something that appear static and dead, really is simply dormant and can be brought back to life...
 Like the resurrected body of Christ. 
    Like the dormant spiritual lives of so many people in the periphery of the church shadow.
      It can be made new.
This simple invitation fleshed out the idea of Easter itself, and help many in the congregation be bold enough to show it off, share the Gospel message and an invitation to Easter Sunday.
I also manage the social media for this church campus as part of a communications contract. Part of the perceptions that need to be managed, was questions that arose such as "Why two services?" or  "Why two worship styles?"  - the tweet above expresses concisely the sentiment that keeps unity even when formats and traditions change. Speaking the Gospel in the fluent current cultural language is critical.
Hospitality efforts were intentionally refocused. Vintage looking, hand stamped sleeves made a 40,000 square foot building seems as inviting as the neighbourhood coffee shop. 
Volunteers teams doubled for Easter Sunday, they all wore temporary, simple, nameless lanyards. 
Various screen graphics as a visual support at the services.
Belly bands around take-away books that were a gift to first time visitors.
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