Kwantlen Polytechnic University had just rebranded, and the Faculty of Design was on the verge of a big unveiling announcement. I developed a new program brochure that united raised six the bar of the all their programs in one piece to be ready for the waves of attention they where expecting after announcing the pending “The Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design.”
Unfortunatley the new KPU brand has a heavy red feel when applied. This created a challenge to keep the flavor of the rebranded institution - while keeping the book simple enough to let the variety of creative work featured in it's pages to speak for itself. This grid-breaking, eclectic layouts, was inspired by leading fashion brands could be the vehicle to feature a wide variety of work. 
The progressive layout and typography young designers where the audience. The cover intentionally looked like either a coded message that needed to be cracked or a collection of SMS shorthand for &%*@ words. Either way… it drew in the curious potential applicants to pick up KPU's Book at busy educational events.
The project process was exceptionally intense.
We all fear "design by committee" -- I presented the concept sample spreads to a panel of 12-15 discerning, opinionated (lovely) people, the full Faculty of Design Instructors and Dean of Design. My for a playful layout, I defended my typographic decision, encourage them to trust me to infuse whimsical touches and adding humour to the titles and copy – very unusual for KPU.
The pieces was so successful, a second print run was ordered. 
Since the Graphic Design for Market Degree program has had many notable graduates in last several years it was an honour to be chosen and the designer to give back to my alma mater and be featured as a success on the pages within the book. My photo (top right) and write up was put forward as proof of an Alumni quickly finding fulfillment and a meaningful career.  
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