ReBranding - Cotter Architects
An established firm, with a great reputation takes the next step with a brand refresh that reflect that they are Canadian thought leaders and the 'market wise' choice.
As part of the design process, I established a strategy to do a visual survey of both their competition at present who were the industry benchmarks in their field. Shown above are some pages from the resulting survey. Each case study reveals key positioning statementAs part of the design process, I established a straegy to do a visual survey of how their compeitition at present and the benchmark companies. Shown above key posittioning statements, websites, visual elements were all a comprehensive part. Workign with their internal marketing and commiunication stragets - together with the Principal of the Company we used this to inform how to better postion a new brand. All before any visual designs were sketched on paper.
Brand Standards
To enable Cotter Architects to roll out the new look, I prepared a Graphic Standards Guide. It included a logo mark, a brand font and examples on how to use that font well, stationary guidelines and how to use a signature pattern. Shown above are portions of that document.
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